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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2011 1:30am-2:00am EST

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margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. that search check out the headlines now here about russia hold its breath put upon a result of a parliamentary election ruling united russia party using its overall majority but still a virgin one on top. iran says it shot down a u.s. spy drone on its eastern border you saw record on aircraft over the country being seen as latest evidence of washington's efforts to destabilize countries beyond its influence. and cross the atlantic tempers flare again as british
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m.p.'s fumo onesided extradition policy that's left its citizens at the mercy of a politically active american justice system. as international pressure mounts on syria ati's either bennett talk to author and journalist jonathan steele for his take on the possible solution to the country's continuing political crisis. i'm joined by jonathan steele former chief correspondent of the guardian newspaper and now commentator on international affairs jonathan thanks for speaking to r.t. now the recently been approached by the king of jordan to spearhead a diplomatic offensive against assad william hague the foreign secretary is now met with opposition leaders is this the preamble to another libyan style intervention. it could be i mean we can't be sure and i think it's dangerous it might be i mean they're trying to be hague's message to the opposition is to get your act together
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unite on a common platform in other words to turn yourself much more like the libyan opposition who the government also talked to and then eventually recognized as the official government of libya so i think it is the first stage to trying to recognize the opposition. there are hints more from france than from britain at the moment that there would be some kind of foreign intervention i mean the french foreign minister and i should pay has just called for humanitarian corridors to be opened into syria with or without the syrian government's permission and damascus when he was asked does that mean who would protect these corridors would that be military protection he said of course so in other words they are thinking of having a limited number of foreign military people moving into syria perhaps against the will of the government of damascus what must the opposition now do to gain recognition has there militarization made it easier to achieve that well i think the unity thing which was going on about is what they want they want to sort of
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feel as united platform and so they know who they're dealing with they don't want a lot of different competing groups but the question is what will the platform be is it going to be a very hardline platform that keeps repeating that assad must go or would it be a platform that says we need dialogue and and a transition which is peaceful there was no civil war or an armed struggle like in libya so that's very important. the the other thing is is whether they will try the tactic of saying we have to protect civilians you know the benghazi syndrome if they could say the city of hama. needs protection. you know it could have a no fly zone over that city and then they again with the thin end of the wedge which would move out to coming from school support from the. civil war the trouble is of course that hama hopes the two cities that have the most fighting are not on the scene because it was on the coast in libya that made it much easier to have
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a no fly zone laments to start bringing in ships bringing weapons and supplies and all the rest of it more difficult in syria unless they nominate one of the coastal cities or the mediterranean and the safe zone but it's a bit unlikely at the moment because those cities will to be quiet in this uprising the arab league's already suspended syria and recently issued that three deals made and that's now passed these attempts were portrayed as last ditch a tense that conventional diplomacy but could they not do more to mediate isn't that their role. yes i mean the very keep saying that assad should have dialogue with the opposition but the opposition including the people that hague was meeting in london this week. are against dundalk they just simply say assad must go and that's also the line of the british government of the french government and the u.s. government i mean they should be putting the same pressure on the opposition to enter a dialogue as they're putting on the government in damascus i mean it's ridiculous
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to say one side will start talking who's going to talk to if the other side refuses they seem to be siding with the sounds opponents they want why do you think that is well i think they've decided that. it's a lost cause in the sense that they don't like his links to hezbollah in lebanon they don't like the fact that he is sort of in the front line of. opposition to israel you know jordan and egypt have their treaties with with this with all seriously only country with a sort of long border. with israel it is not sort of peace at the moment and so they don't like them very closely syria has quite the relations with iran. so they've decided i think that it's almost like a proxy war against iran if you can topple assad it's like it's considered to be a sort of proxy of blow against the government in iran so it is the fear of iran really outweigh any concern of syria descending into civil war well i'm not even
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sure it's fear you know are they really afraid of iran i think it's more that they want to undermine the regime in iran and i think i think it's hostility to iran i would say rather than fear of because what is there to be afraid of with iran you know the only thing is this question of nuclear weapons which is still a long way down the line before iran would have a deliverable nuclear weapon it's first got to create the warheads on the weapons if it's building them and then it's got to have the delivery system that could transport these things safely and you know drop them. positioning father the right target. which is some way off so there's no reason to be really afraid of iran and anyway there are other ways of dealing with the so-called iranian threat the military you know where they could be some plant plenty of diplomatic ways of minimizing whatever. worries you you have about iran surely the arab league and western countries have some sort of duty here to to prevent syria from slipping
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into a full blown civil war i mean it's not the first time middle eastern country with a complex religious and ethnic makeup has has descended into civil war have lessons not been learned well i agree with you i mean i think i think it's quite irresponsible i mean and it's really amazing in a way that these arab neighbors of syria and the other members of the arab league are taking such a hard line but i think it's this cancer of the sunni shia thing which is as a separate war between the gulf arabs are mainly certainly against the iranian regime which is causing the cancer and i'm afraid it's been united states to be pushing this line is the threat of danger we must be afraid of it and we saw a lot of it in iraq of course the solution you're seeing of that created a near civil war in iraq it's terribly dangerous men would have thought of course in lebanon also earlier one would have thought that people would say look the last thing we want is another sunni versus shia military civil war going on in one of
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the major our countries they should be doing all they can to try and stop it and i'm saying that assad has made many many mistakes he should have not used for so much at the beginning he should have offered more serious dialogue at the beginning his office but quite flimsy and probably deceptive deliberately and you know he has been very hardline but the other side is now being equally hardline in the situation is becoming polarized the worst case scenario should syria completely collapse into civil war well worst case scenario there is massive. snick cleansing with the eye lowered majority from whom the assad family comes from the ruling elite being forced to flee the christians who brought these ten percent of the population past syria very worried very probably most of the. one understands prefer the assad regime which has been very tolerant to christianity and no problem with any kind of religious discrimination and they're more worried
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about the muslim brotherhood who are the main force in the opposition the armed opposition to to than they are christians could suffer greatly look what's happened to iraqi christians most of them have had to flee the kurds are in a sort of wobbly position they don't care which side is worse for them is assad worse than the possible sunni arab muslim brotherhood coming in. so i think a lot of the minorities are really worried and i think that's partly why there are these big demonstrations in support of assad in damascus and aleppo they're not all people have been sort of forced out into the streets in some way or other some of them a genuine i think i do we obviously we can't do this sort of tact analysis of how many and genuine and how many have come out because they might be government workers who think that they can lose their jobs if they don't come out but. you can't get so many people out on the street without some of them being genuine on the other hand the prison as sad as certainly committed some terrible atrocities
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against his own people is that initial crackdown not to blame for the current situation well i think that's why you need mediation i mean assad has made terrible mistakes and a lot of people have been killed by the security forces and obviously the families and friends of those people you know if you explain your anger and they just want to disappear. so you can see why it's difficult but that's why you need mediation fast just to invite people say come to my office and we'll sit down and we'll talk about things it may be too late for that because there's so much suspicion so that's why the arab league ideally should. the mediators coming in and meeting each side separately pabst initially said what are you willing to give concessions to move telephone to comp some point when it comes to them together but may need outside mediation ideally by the arab and if not by the united nations but i think one of the things that should be on the table is immunity for certain he's not going to give up power peacefully when he sees what's happened to mubarak put in
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prison or house arrest in his case hospital arrest because he still trial or the gadhafi precedent which is to be lynched in the street on you tube. you know that's not so you need immunity and actually we've got a very good model in yemen they've agreed to signed a deal which the arabs brokered the saudi arabians brokered whereby president saleh has now given the power to immunity for his family and himself under transition to new elections within the next few months both parliament and for president is very good model now why can't the saudis who did that with yemen do the same thing for syria what have countries like the u.k. france america got to gain with syria here there's no oil wealth is it purely location or is the iran question is the ante rainy and thing and the feeling that the. unreliable on the israeli question and he's sort of
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they've had intermittent talks with assad but. they've never reached a peace agreement is not just because past that israeli line is also very are hard and so both sides of where they found it to impossible to agree does the international community genuinely not see then the dangers of civil war in syria or is that merely outweighed by the need for influence an intervention in syria well i think very problematic cynical very look at libya we don't know exactly how many people were killed in libya. people say thirty thousand people died six months or so that it took to topple gadhafi and well the sort of say well. that's worth it if you can bring a different regime which will be obviously more print western at least initially if it's had western support to topple the regime jonathan steele thank you.
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oh i see. it's all designed to keep you closed in your own small world as a prison. you know you leave somebody in there for a couple hours like that in a stress position. you have this fear of the unknown and this stress sort of building and. i've seen interrogations go on ten twelve hours they chose songs i remember from marilyn manson and metallica slayer the two songs would be angel of death and raining blood to me there was a war coming up here into iraq to baghdad. johnny pulled the bodies to the floor
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which is the rock n roll band it was fitting for the job we were doing. shows that so much i can tell you what we were trying to market was the taliban bad for the exit ten years of an inconclusive war the united states and its allies were desperate to leave afghanistan by the end of two thousand.
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russia holds its breath for the final results of the parliamentary election with the ruling united russia party losing its zero proof majority but still emerging one top. ron says it shot down a u.s. spy drone along its eastern border with use of american on monday crossed over the country seen as latest evidence of washington's efforts to destabilize countries beyond its influence. tempers flare again as british m.p.'s you move a one sided extradition policy has left its citizens at the civil rights illiterate an american justice system. to date on the latest sports news with.
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the world of football loses a great star. at the age of fifty seven afternoon a scary a real legend of the game but fittingly corinthians went on to win the brazilian title just hours after his death. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up sweet victory tiger woods wins the chevron world challenge to end it to the title track. plus pay tribute to brazil legend socrates who's died in the age of fifty seven. crowns even more so when snowboard king travis right will it is like this film to the russian capital. sculls former world number one tiger woods has won his first
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title for over two years taking the chevron world challenge in california by a single shot from fellow americans act johnson woods hadn't won since the b.m.w. championship in two thousand and nine that was followed by personal problems and then the fourth from his wife and finally got back to winning ways he was training johnson with two holes to go but then managed back to back birdies when it mattered the crucial one pair on the last how this great approach setting them up for the winning part which goes to sink and then relief was obvious finishing on ten under par to beat johnson by a single shot woods title track finally over and he says this grandstand finish was as good as it gets. i know it's been a while but also for some reason it feels like it it hasn't because when i was coming down the stretch there if i felt so comfortable. i felt comfortable and i
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was at a conference at augusta you know when i put myself there in these positions. it is discomfort as far as making the part and the feeling afterwards. it was. i think i will scream and something but it was just one the golf tournament pulled it off with one down with two to go on. to go birdie birdie as good as it gets. now we'll stay in the states because the green bay packers have reached the n.f.l. playoffs they beat the new york giants thirty eight thirty five with a last minute field goal to remain undefeated how the giants were hosting the packers at the mid met life stadium in the back of three straight defeats of the training twenty one seventeen by half time there are more g.'s sound of driver here in the back of the end zone but they kill themselves in it and by the fourth quarter the game still hung in the balance rogers again found driving hate to give the pack is a thirty four twenty seven lead however eli manning hit back for the giants
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connecting with the knicks to bring them back to the couple of points and they found themselves level but the u.k. where ran for a two point conversion. but make sure the pack is got their twelfth win from twelve games is the past jordie now see here setting up a last minute field goal to tempt. mason crosby stepped up to convert that to give the park is a thirty eight thirty five victory and a place in the. news the world of football is paying its respects to former brazil captain and midfield legend socrates he died in hospital inside parlow at age fifty seven following a short illness the former corinthians player had been in a critical condition with an intestinal infection since friday though he'd also been in hospital in august and september with internal bleeding widely regarded as one of the greatest ever midfielders socrates only turned professional when he was
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twenty five but went on to play in two world cups winning sixty caps for his country between nine hundred seventy nine and nine hundred eighty six and scoring twenty two goals in the glittering career well that career was given a fitting tribute by fans of his former club corinthians when the brazilian championship for a fifth time on sunday with a goalless draw against palmeiras minutes silence turned into a vocal tricky for the man before the game that followed was a bad tempered affair for the. it's the central truth from each side but it didn't stop getting the point i needed this that this national title since two thousand and five. now the top two sides in the indian premier league have been drawn together in the f.a. cup match the city and manchester united will play in a mouth watering third round tie united boss or alex ferguson again locking horns them with city's roberta mandel cine the game is that city's actually had stadium on january the seventh and it's a chance benighted to enjoy their six one league defeat rivals in october not to
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mention their defeat to man genies man in last year's cup semifinal. was one of the all premier league time which will see newcastle host other games that have drawn tottenham against paul charlton and time andre sherman's ourself welcome to championship side the lead chelsea are up against portsmouth liverpool the winner of the replay between southend and old of liverpool will travel to for them tonight in the premier league i will put kenny dalglish's side level on points with fifth place arsenal and you can still waffle and need a win to edge and selves away from the drops. from last night robert who scored the fifteenth minute winner of stud everton one the all to go in the english premier league victory goodison park for thirty years and steven fletcher scored as a late second half brace of balls came from behind to beat sunderland two one and moved four points clear of the trops. tennis time rafael nadal fought back us set
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down to beat one martin del potro in a thrilling four set match to seal spain's fifth davis cup title in eleven years no doubt what without him to be limping corrina knowing victory would hand his country fed cup triumph in four years or so but that seemed to inspire his opponent at the beginning. racing through the first set six one. but you wouldn't bet against nadal and he did find his rhythm on the clay winning the second set six four to tie the match his thumping forehand doing a lot of damage. and in the third set the spaniard phantom of the he went on to win six one. i know the full story did go to break the tie break. through that without dropping a point of spain's fifth fed cup trophy and the dow has played its part in that two
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winning twenty fed cup single matches in a row i that russian volleyball coach of the north says he's the happiest man on earth after his charges poland in japan to lift the prestigious world cup on his forty fifth birthday there was a back and forth in tokyo going all the way to the fifth set with russia eventually prevailing to claim their second piece of silverware this season elect know how to also lead them into the world league title in july both russia and poland plus brazil have qualified to make some of the london olympic. team on a winter sports three time former overall champion alexander's who called his ladies four man bobsled team to victory in the first world cup race of the season in austria zuckoff and company could have done better in the second heat after training america's first team but russia's first run had given them an edge in an age of nine hundred of a second which was good enough to give them the aggregate victory ahead of the u.s.
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germany completed the podium in the ski resort a little while russia's second fastest on that day. and we will end with some spectacular snowboarding pictures x. games champion travis rice has been in moscow throughout to promote a film that's captured breathtaking images of the sport it has attracted the attention of thousands of fans in the russian capital with more. why you only native travis rice has won two christy just eggs games gold medals in his career and numerous other titles inventing new snowboarding moves in the process but his true passion lies in filmmaking with his latest movie called the art of flight of making its final tour stop in moscow we were lucky enough to use some of the most dynamic in creating a film equipment in the world along with. sound design from. steven
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spielberg's facility california that is beautiful so you know this movie was meant to be seen on the big screen. created for blu ray primarily shot it for the big screen that's why we're here. arsal flight concept was born three years ago following rice's directorial debut on an other cutting edge snowboarding film called that's it that's all the results of his work in partnership with brain form digital cinema and director curt morgan are widely regarded as a new breed of action sports film for most people it's a unique opportunity to experience in high definition a one of a kind of adventure that sakes that you are through avalanches accidents and unexplored mountains in remote corners of the world trying to strike is obviously not alone in challenging mother nature and popularizing snowboarding as a lifestyle helping him defy the odds and raise the bar on the quality of the video footage describing this brit taking pastime our crew of at least ten people
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including the star of countless snowboarding videos swiss enthusiastic nicolas miller. this film us and then some brother and then anything else before and everybody talks about it and it's beautiful into huge for me there's like here in moscow but also in the small shop screenings and everybody it's just. stunning. just blown away but a picture is never. snowboarding was basically nonexistent during the soviet period but it has now won over the hearts of millions of russia's youth at least two thousand people have turned up for the premiere of the art of flight in moscow's pushkin cinema and most seem to already be familiar with the concept as well as the stars of the film in the book three snowboarding is all about the writer so old and new about composition this is exactly what these guys have done with this film they
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sort of united themselves with nature and i don't think there will ever be better writing then what's been demonstrated in this movie there was only one showing of the art of flight in moscow however it confirmed that the demand for adrenaline packs and masterfully edited footage is as high as ever in russia and the audience is already eager to experience what else try this rice or perhaps some other filmmaker will have to offer as their next snowboarding work aboard. r.t. moscow. credible pitches site that spoke from i would say about the. culture is the same of you i can tell you if you're from the market there's the taliban bad guys going for the exit after ten years of any game conclusive for the united states and its allies are desperate to leave afghanistan by the end of two thousand.
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